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Adding tracks to Winamp Playlist via web browser (HTML) How can i do this?
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Subject: Adding tracks to Winamp Playlist via web browser (HTML) How can i do this?

I'm working on a HTML based interface for my "music" HTPC that i have connected to my HT system. I've got the tracks from my CD's saved in .wav format on the hard disk, and the web pages are saved locally on the machine's HD, so they render almost in realtime. It works well, so far, but it lacks one thing. Clicking on a song title opens the track in winamp, it pops up, loads the track, and disappears behind the IE window, and it starts playing.. So far, so good.. You can even browse to the next track you want to listen to, and click on it after the first one finishes. But you have to wait until after the first one finishes if you want to hear the whole track.
I need to know if there's a way to add the tracks to winamps playlist via HTML, or if a plugin or something like that is needed. I can rework the HTML if needed, obviously. It would also be nice if the track is the first one added to the playlist, if it would start Winamp playing automatically. Just to make it work like it does now, in that clicking a track's title starts it. Any ideas?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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