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album art within ID3 Tag
ponderMuse #1
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Subject: album art within ID3 Tag

All my music files in my Winamp media library have their album art covers embedded within the file's ID3 tags but the album art is not displayed when using BrowseAmp.

My music is stored as FLAC files and their individual album art covers were all embedded using the universal tag editor MP3TAG.

I understand that browseAmp gives you the option to load cover art either from an image file name where the image is stored next to the music file or,  from an image embedded within the music file's id3 tags. I've set my browseAmp configuration to load images from within the id3 tags but I've had no luck getting them shown in my browser...

Thanks in advance for any help in this matter.


PS: I am finding BrowseAmp really neat and I very much like the skins and API provided. Good work!!!
ponderMuse #2
Member since Apr 2010 · 3 posts
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Whilst still trying to figure out this thread's problem I have noticed that if I have music stored as mp3 files then, their ID3 tag embedded art covers are displayed as expected. Now, is this because the files are mp3 format or because their ID3 tags are different versions? (Don't know how I can check a file's ID3Tag version...)

Does anyone know if BrowseAmp supports displaying embedded ID3 tag images for mp3 files only? Or could it be the version of ID3 tag used?

Any insights on this problem would be much appreciated.

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