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Modifying eXtended skin
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I have been tweaking the eXtended skin to match my tastes.

One option I'm trying to add is in the Media Library page, I would like to have the choice of adding the selected tracks either to the end of the playlist (the current behavior) or after the current track. 

I have added an appropriate button to medialibrary_template1.html next to the already-existing "add sel" button:

<input name="submit2" title="insert all selected songs to the playlist after current song" type="submit" value="insert sel after current song">

But I've looked all through the eXtended skin files and can't find where the button action is handled.  I know that when I find it I just need to copy it and change the action url from ?add=<#browser_enc_filename> to ?insert=<#browser_enc_filename>. 

Can anyone point me to the right place?  Is it hidden in some Javascript somewhere?

rony1434 #2
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Hi all.
Well mate i am searching for this solution from last 2-3 weeks and still hav'nt found this.
So anyone here please give a postive reply.
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