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PSP and Winamp
Annoyances and Solutions
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First of all, i would like to congratulate Henry Thasler for making my life a little more pleasent. "BrowseAmp" now enables me to take advantage of my wireless network as i enjoy my music doing things around my house.  the Installation and configuration of the plugin was easier than i expected.

Now for the annoyances that plagued me while using the Sony PSP's v2.7 browser. The defualt refresh rate of 5 seconds was the major item i encounterd while using the plugin. Everytime i would scroll down towards the bottom of the page, the page would refresh on me as i got to the middle. :angry: The display size was terrible for the PSP's screen. I would have to horizontally scroll around to find the command button i wished to execute. Of course the "smartfit" feature in an option for a large webpage to be formatted to fit the PSP screen, but i dont want to toggle with that option evertime i switched between internet pages and the winamp control page. there are others. but i will tolerate those.... i.e. the Winamp 5.2 incompatibility.

and now for the solutions
i found this link by "GBW88" posted on the Forums

*Size in buttons/spacing works better, just scroll vertically.
*Refresh rate Changed to every 60 seconds.
*Added help on how to download files from winamp- read it to understand the process.

To install this patch, here is what you need to do. go to your Browseamp plugin directory- normally "C:\Program Files\Winamp\plugins\browseamp"
under this folder there is another folder named "base". Unzip the patch into the "base" folder. A popup will say the files already exsist. agree to overwrite the original .htmls with the new PSP ones. Thats it, your done!

Incase that URL to the modded HTML becomes invalid. i attached it
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