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workaround for pocket IE caching!
Dan (Guest) #1
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I'm writing a skin for my pocket PC.  I hit one main problem.  Pocket IE will not load an online page unless you A) change the URL or B) hit refresh.<BR><BR>I tried all the HTML tags to force this.  It just won't cooperate.  Caching images is fine (will help load time) but it won't even check for a new page unless the URL changes.<BR><BR>For example.  If i'm playing a song.  I click pause.  It opens the page index.html?pause.  Now I'm paused.  I click pause again to unpause.  Same URL, so it doesn't fetch the page, and the music doesn't unpause.  Thats rather a trivial example, but obviously it effects shuffle, repeat, next, previous, etc...<BR><BR>One thing that has sort of delayed this problem is to put a bunch of the info tags in the link.  so instead of href=index.html?play, href=index.html?play? #SongPositionMin #SongPositionSec, etc.  Things that will change often.<BR><BR>Another tag that'll help is the song title one.  This way, you can use the next/prev buttons while stopped.<BR><BR>Not out of the water yet.  Thats a hack.  Is there any way to get the server to stop it from caching?  probably not.<BR><BR>Maybe I'll try using some flash.  but I assume that'll have the same problems.<BR><BR><a href=""></a><BR><a href=""></a>
Saxtus (Administrator) #2
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Dan I understand your problem.<BR><BR>Here is an idea for Henry about this problem:<BR><BR>Provide a new tag that, every time is called, it will generate a random long number. Then the only thing to do is to fix that in each skin, but this is a job for each skin maker to do it on it's own skin.<BR><BR>I will release a new version for my skin when this has been implemented.<BR><BR>Michael.<BR><BR><a href=""></a><BR><a href=""></a>
Henry (Administrator) #3
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Got it! Should come with the next release.<BR><BR><a href=""></a><BR><a href=""></a>
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