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Browseamp login on loads of sites?
Zero5 #1
Member since Jan 2006 · 2 posts
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I've found that after installing Browseamp I can't visit alot of sites withough a login window for broeseamp popping up. To get past it i either have to enter in my login for the program or press cancel. Is there a way to stop this happening as I really like this plugin. It happens on both explorer and firefox. Cheers.
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Saxtus (Administrator) #2
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Probably you are using an ad-blocking solution that has changed your windows "hosts" file to point the banner urls, back to your computer ( - localhost). Now everytime that a banner must be displayed, your browser tries to find it at your browseamp server.

If this is the case I have two solutions for you:
[*]Use another ad-blocking solution and clean your hosts file.
[*]Change your browseamp server port to something other than 80.
[/list]If you do the last one, I suggest you to install a free dummy server solution, that will serve the localhost:80 requests, then your browsing to the web will be faster.
Zero5 #3
Member since Jan 2006 · 2 posts
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Thanks alot for that, its working fine now :) Best thing ever this is; wireless headphones + pda = easy listening and full control all over the house.
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