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BrowseAmp API
Andy (Guest) #1
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Is there any kind of accessible API to BrowseAmp so that we can write stand alone controllers and make javascript or SOAP calls to the BrowseAmp server?
Tom W.M. #2
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What you see in the BrowseAmp manual is what you get. You can GET or POST the "hyperlink commands" to BrowseAmp with XMLHttpRequest, and get the information you need from templates, as I do in my skin.  If you want to use XML the only real problem is that there is no way to properly escape strings (author name, title, etc.) in XML attribute nodes--you'll have to use CDATA nodes.
Andy (Guest) #3
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Thanks Tom. For the record, I'm playing around with making Flash and Konfabulator controllers. I've got a lot of the Konfabulator one working although it's a horrible memory hog as I'm not doing any kind of garbage collection yet, XMLHttpRequest could prove a good system if it's supported by Konfabulator. I'll report back if I produce anything useful. Cheers.
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