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better random song generator
the seed is always the same!
K. Woodward (Guest) #1
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Unless I've missed something (which is fully possible) or my version is old, it looks like the plugin uses a constant random seed for the random song generator (on keepplaylistalive). This means that once it enters random mode, it's playing the same d██n list of songs! Egad!

Not that I should complain, on all other fronts this thing rocks out core. But it would make me immensely happy to be able to create a new "random" playlist without adding/deleting files from my music directory...

Or am I just being n00by?
AndyZ #2
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I agree, the random feature of "keep playlist alive" is awesome - WinAmp really should have included that function!  It would be nice to have the ability to randomize within specified folders as well as globally.  I have a lot of music from other folks in my family that I don't necessarily want to hear in random mode.

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AndyZ #3
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I've been noticing the same behavior - the random list always seems to be the same or close to it.  Henry, is there some way to reset the random seed, or can you put this on the list for the next update?

It's a shame because in my opinion, the random feature is the best thing in BrowseAmp.

By the way, I checked out lots of similar plugins and BrowseAmp is the best!

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