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Connecting with Palm Tungsten C
Cham (Guest) #1
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Does anyone have any experience trying to use a Palm organizer as a remote? I have BrowseAmp running and am able to connect from both Macs and PCs (XP), but I can't connect from a Palm Tungsten C organizer running Web Browser

Any thoughts as to why I would receive the "server not responding message"?

I've got my firewall disabled, and there is currently no IP filtering. I have included the port when typing the url. I'm using the default of 80 at the moment.

Nagpurian (Guest) #2
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I am using BA on tangston T5 and bluetooth connection. using palmone blazer 4.0
BA with pocketPC or Ipaq  skin works really nice on palm. I have not thought of any other best method to control WA
Ba works great with palm

Are you able to browse other pages on your palm?
what proxy U are using.
Also Specify type of connection wireless/wired.
Is your palm using same network as Macs and PCs (XP),  or it is using seperate network. try to connect palm on same network
If u are using two different ethernet for these connections. please specify the type of each connection.

there is no problem with firewall i'm using firewall enabled
I am using 3 different networks

1) wired for office PC's
2) wireless for laptop
3) bluetooth for palm

I am having no problem running BA simultaneously on all three networks
Cham (Guest) #3
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Thanks for your thoughts Nagpurian.

I am able to browse other pages on my palm, but I'm not using any proxy server at all.

I'm using the built in wifi card on the Tungsten on an 811.b network. The other computers are hardwired to the router.

My initial thought is that the Palm may have trouble connecting to specific ports, but I'm not sure how I would test that. I haven't been able to find anything anywhere that would indicate that there's a limitation though.
Nagpurian (Guest) #4
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try the link ip:port
I am using proxy plus for browsing as i am not using XP's built in internet sharing. instead i am using a proxy
Please also check BA is running on which IP wired or wireless

try also http://machinename:port this might work many times it has worked for me
Cham (Guest) #5
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Since I'm at work, I thought I'd try it on our work network here, and I've found that I can connect nicely from my Palm here.

The BA server is running on a laptop that is wirelessly connected to the network.

Since I can now connect here, I have to assume that it's a problem with one of the settings on my home router.

I did try http://machinename:port, but that doesn't seem to work; whereas the IP:Port is working here.

Any thoughts as to what setting on a router would prevent a connection on port 80?
Cham (Guest) #6
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Thanks for all the help. I narrowed down the problem to a blocked port on one of my computers. I don't know how I missed it the first time!

BrowseAmp is now up and running wonderfully. A great piece of software, and some great skins!
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