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Playlist management
Phra (Guest) #1
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browseamp is great work.

I' m missing a good playlist management: I found no way to identify a m3u file in the browser. An extra icon for m3u-files or even a extra list of playlists would be cool.

best regards,
Tom W.M. #2
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The icon used for a file is a feature of the skin, not BrowseAmp itself.  BrowseAmp merely parses In a skin, an icon could be assigned with CSS based on the contents of an attribute.  In my skin (yet to be released), icons are applied with the following CSS:
tr[title$="mp1"] div.icon,
tr[title$="mp2"] div.icon,
tr[title$="mp3"] div.icon,
tr[title$="wma"] div.icon,
tr[title$="ogg"] div.icon,
tr[title$="wav"] div.icon,
tr[title$="aif"] div.icon,
tr[title$="aiff"] div.icon,
tr[title$="nsa"] div.icon,
tr[title$="m4a"] div.icon,
tr[title$="snd"] div.icon,
tr[title$="mid"] div.icon,
tr[title$="midi"] div.icon,
tr[title$="cda"] div.icon,
tr[title$="au"] div.icon,
tr[title$="snd"] div.icon {
 background: url(note.png) no-repeat top left;
What this does apply note.png as a background image for any descendant <div/> (with class="icon") of a table row with the contents of the attribute title ending in the extension of any of a number of audio formats.  In the template for the file list, title="<#browser_filename>" (Henry, it would be very nice to have a tag that prints just the extension, especially for XML files.)

A simplified example:
[title$="m3u"] {
 background: url(playlist_icon.png) no-repeat top left;
Here, any element where the value of the title attribute ends in m3u will be given playlist_icon.png as its background image.

Note that [attr$=foo] is a CSS3 selector, so it does not yet enjoy universal browser support.  Firefox (and any other Gecko-based browser) supports it, and I think Opera supports it.  Internet Explorer does not support it natively, but can be made to with Dean Edwards' IE7 (it is unlikely that the real IE7, to  go into beta this summer, will support this selector).
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