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cant connect from laptop
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wow, i just found browseamp tonight and i'm really impressed!  well done folks!

its running perfectly on localhost, but not from my laptop.
the url is just timing out in my browser (mozilla firefox - same as the server browser)

i am running windows xp, and have tried turning the windows firewall off, also when the popup about allowing winamp access appeared, i did allow

i have not touched the user management settings or anything like that, and i do not have the server set to only allow localhost...

the pcs are seeing eachother in network neighborhood just fine, so i know it cant be a network issue

i have read the manual and looked through other forum posts

not sure what else could be going on here? *sigh*
Gortex #2
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After reading your topic, I think you use the ip adress:port of the laptop or http://localhost:port on the laptop ?

You need to use http://(server_ip):port   :)

Even if, it could be a firewall missconfiguration .... you access to share but not to the BrowseAmp Web server
Guest (Guest) #3
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nope, i am definately using the http://serverip:port
i've checked the URL (and other careless mistakes) many times...

its still not working

i dont have a firewall installed on either machine!

only the standard windows xp firewall which i have completely disabled
(and before it was disabled, winamp was set to 'allow' access anyways)

Henry (Administrator) #4
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BrowseAmp can be accessed from localhost, so it works fine. Anything else is some sort of network/firewall/Router misconfiguration.
indy jones (Guest) #5
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i just disabled my router spi firewall and enabled it again i also havemy ports fowarded
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