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Access from outside LAN
fnm (Guest) #1
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I installed Browseamp on my computer and I can access the web interface using my local (internal to router) IP address (typically 192.168.x.x). I know my public IP address but http://ipaddress:portnum/ does not bring up the right page (while http:///internalip:portnum/ does in fact bring it up).

How can I fix this?

Henry (Administrator) #2
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You have to configure your router to forward the incoming packets at port xx to the computer with browseamp running. See router manual for port forwarding.
Guest (Guest) #3
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Thanks for your reply. I did fwd the ports on my router. Still no go.

Now i'm on a school LAN with my own IP (it's not internal), but i still can't access the page from another computer outside the network (even though the IP is public). I can however, access the page from my own browser and from other computers on my LAN as well.

I don't know why there's no access from outside. :(  Does anyone have any ideas?

DigitalMatrixIO #4
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you may have to punch holes in the software firewalls, such as the windows one...
to allow external networks to connect
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