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Pocket PC compatibility
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I am using the Pocket PC Skin with a Pocket PC amd am having a problem that has been discussed on the board,, but no resolutions seem to have been found.
Anyway, when I click play on the PPC skin while using a PPC it will play the song, but then when it comes time to refresh the page, it will send that command along with the request for the page. Another problem that this causes is not being able to hit the same button 2 times in a row unless you do the only thing that I have found that seems to help, and that is poressing the link for "main"
Is there any way around this on the PPC other than clicking "main" every time?
I have checked using Firefox (whatever the version available now is) and I have not had any of the problems.
Is there another browser anyone is using on PPC that does not have this problem?
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To partially answer my own question...

I created another file called "index2.html" (any name will do..)

in that file I put the line:

"<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=index.html">"

and in the original index.html I changed the refresh url to the "index2.html"

This solves the problem of commands being resent when the page reloads, but I still cannot send the same command twice in a row.
Any idea if I could somehow pass off the commands to another file, say index2.html for example, then have it refresh me back to index.html?
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Well here we go, should have tried it first and realized i could link to any page I wanted and browseamp would still recognize the commands :).
I have included:

modified index.html
All the button clicks and page refreshes now go to a new file called index2.htm

Recieves all the commands and immediately refreshes to index.html

I have them working right now on my Dell Axim X30 and it is working wonderfully.
Next I will have to check the other pages (Like Playlist, etc...) and see if they are going to need the same sort of treatment, and I'll keep everyone in the loop ;).
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