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Retain Music Folder (Networked Drive)
bb80301 #1
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Henry -- thanks, as always, for Browseamp.  I've been using it with my "Musicman" skin (written and shared a LONG time ago) on a daily basis to navigate my 250+ GB music library.

I have a request... I use a folder on a mapped network drive (a drive on a networked PC mapped locally to "M:") -- so my root folder is "M:/Music."  If the networked PC goes offline, browseamp will switch the folder to the default "C:\Program Files\Winamp\"  and it stays this way (even after the drive comes back online) until I redo my Browseamp configuration and point it back to "M:\music"

Is there any way to make the "M:\music" setting stick, ie. avoid having automatic default of "C:\Program Files\Winamp\" become my new saved setting?

Hopefully, the above is clear -- if not, please let me know.

Thanks, again, and regards
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Henry (Administrator) #2
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That would work. But I'm about to start with my diploma theses and that's why I don't have much time for coding. But maybe I can find a free minute. Sorry
Guest (Guest) #3
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No need to be sorry, Henry.  I'm extremely thankful for all of your effort on this fantastic tool.

Good luck on the thesis -- I've been there and know how difficult and time consuming it can be.

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