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New skin in progress
Pip-Pip (Guest) #1
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Heh. great plugin. Cant say it often enough.

Now that aside, i want to make a list system almost like the "browser" but by using the library instead, making a tree somewhat similar to this:

Artists A-G
    Artist name
    Artist2 name
          First album
          Second album
    Artist3 name

And its probably been done before, please point me to a skin that has it if one exists.
my problem is this; i cant find a way to make it sort the query results alphabetically.
Is this a missing feature, or am i just missing something?

oh and, if its any help, what im thinking of so far is to use a basequery like this: type==0&trackno==01 to get each album listed only once.

Thanks in advance!
Pip-Pip (Guest) #2
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Oops, that tree should look more like:

Artists A-G
|--Artist name
|--Artist2 name
|--|--First album
|--|--Second album
|--Artist3 name
Artists H-L

and so forth....
Azimuth #3
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As I understand it, you cannot sort Media Library queries. You may be stuck doing this in JavaScript.

Pip-Pip (Guest) #4
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Hey again, long time no see..
 i have been busy on things, but still keeping the skin in mind.
what i'd like to do now is automatically add newly uploaded songs to the playlist.
so when you upload a file, when its done and the file is placed in the appropriate folder, it'll be inserted in the playlist beneath the current song.
 is this possible using a
script/hidden field in the form /other way or is it a new feature request?

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