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Better time resolution
A way to more accurately time control
Chris (Guest) #1
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Having great fun with this...   thanks...

I have a couple of requests..

1) To allow jumping to a specific position in a track based on time rather than percent which is too rough for my application

2) To allow reporting times eg current position, tracklength etc to a greater resolution than seconds - eg ms - again seconds are too granular for me.  The setting of the track position (1 above)  to also be in ms

3) I am trying to write an 'announce' system where the current track is suspended, another 'named' track is played and then the first one resumed at exactly where the track was interrupted hence the requests. The named track is from a library of announcements. Perhaps "announce" could even be a feature.

Henry (Administrator) #2
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1) You can use fractions like 19.63 for the track position until I have added a ms-trackpos command.

2) +3) Of couse I could add a ms-resolution trackpos tag but are you sure you need that precision? Consider a HTTP-request takes about 100ms-200ms (2-way) over a default DSL connection. Of course it's much faster over a lan.

As I said before there are many other things I'm busy with so these features may take some time. Anyway have a good time with Browseamp and let us know what you are working at.
rID (Guest) #3
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I was thinking overnight that the inherent lags do make the usefulness of ms somewhat questionable, but I still think it would be useful to move beyond secs which is just too granular. 1/10 secs is good but not a normal step. For example I might want to action something in time with a track finishing , perhaps causing a playlist jump but I can only be accurate to within 1 second currently, and I have to estimate track ends based on tracklength-current position as there is no eventing option using http.

I did actually find the track can be positioned by fractional percents last night whilst playing :-)  but of course I can't ascertain quite where it was interrupted to give or take more than a second so I can't stop/start at the same position (assuming I play something else inbetween).

But Browseamp suits me well as each query can return exactly the data I want nicely formatted in one http request... plus it handles multiple instances really nicely.  I am using it very much as a control api for multizone audio - not for display as such.  It provides some integration with Crestron/AMX equipment. The announce is for callerID and paging where the audio interruption is pre recorded or via TextToSpeech

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