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Infrared support for Broseamp
Control stereo equipment via IR
Stanley Berkley (Guest) #1
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Hi Browseamp is a great plug in for Winamp.  I have been busy writing my own skin for my HP RX3715.

I have a dedicated pair of PC's to implement a Jukebox controlled by a HP Ipaq.  One machine is a server for storing .WAV files and the second a barebone system with a SPDIF output to a Sony processor.

It would be great to control the audio processor from the IPAQ using WiFI.  I understand that the Ipaq has a built in IR transmitter but this requires line of sight and jumping between two applications.

What would be ideal is for Browseamp to support a tag where the user could specify the IR code in a tag.  The server running Browseamp would then drive an Infrared Transmitter (IR Led) via the serial port of the PC.

The hardware requirements are a resistor and IR LED, very cheap.  The IR code could be used as an anchor and various images tied to each anchor, e.g source switching Power On/Off etc.
Azimuth #2
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I recently added IR control to my PC-based home automation system; you'll need more than the components you mention to run consumer IR. Also, Henry seems pretty bogged-down right now.

Here are a few sites about PC IR...

Most Basic IR Controller I've Seen (I've heard of a few people that got this to work)


What I just bought...
Falk (Guest) #3
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A nice solution without the requirement of line of sight is the ATI Remote Wonder I/II remote controller. Maybe this fits your needs.
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