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Shoutcast DSP Control
elissaios (Guest) #1
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Hello and great job!

Since BrowseAmp can be really handy for shoutcasters, but it would nice if it could have such as a shoutcast DSP control. I dont know how possible this is, but the good news is that shoutcast plugin is frozen regarding its release version (i would say dropped since its working properly).

Some basic features:
- Stream access & Yellow Pages config.
- Encoding parameters (bitrate etc).
- Connect/Disconnect/Auto-Connect/Auto-Connect-Time
- Enable/disable plugin.

I came up with this idea while i was having the following problem:

I own AnimePlanet.GR Network (  sorry only greek), and i recently got running a anime radio by placing a box (computer) at my work over an internet cafe as a stream source and relay server at the same time. But since they want security inside there from incoming connections, they wouldn't allow me to open a port for pc remote control. So... the only way was to use BrowseAmp to get it controlled... somehow...
Now the question is, how can I close the audio source on that box leaving the relay open (dnas) while i want to play anything i want from my home and stream to it? One possible way is to restart winamp, and since it takes like 2-3 seconds to get up again i will quickly connect from my home to the relay server (as I said before, on that box).

The thing is that this is not possible at all times, because sometimes the dsp plugin will stop responding, and when you finish broadcasting from home, you cannot do anything than just go to the internet cafe (which for me is far, and especially weekends is nearly impossible) and do it locally.

Well thats all from me, i hope you can make some sense out of this.
Thank you for your time.

Best Regards, Elissaios K.
AnimePlanet.GR Founder/IT Developer
Henry (Administrator) #2
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As far as I remember we had a discussion about shoutcast control some month ago. At the moment I don't see a chance to control the shoutcast plug-in with browseamp. sorry.
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