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Connection Issue
involves a switch...
pi0z #1
Member since Nov 2004 · 2 posts
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So here's the deal, I setup BrowseAmp got it all up and running, tested remote access via my laptop and it worked perfect.  I asked my friend upstairs (I live in a dorm) to check it out and he wasn't able to connect.  I verified this by taking my laptop off my switch and using an available port in my kitchen.

::::Just to verify:::::::::::::::


[LAN CONNECTION]---[switch]-<

Not Working

(server)---[LAN CONNECTION]---[switch]---(server)


I've tried other services (ftp, vnc) and they have worked without problems.  I have checked my firewall logs and nothing came up.

Any advice / help would be greatly appreciated.

- pi0z -
Henry (Administrator) #2
Member since Jan 2003 · 865 posts · Location: Munich Germany
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Strange...  :unsure:

But I'm almost sure it has nothing to do with BrowseAmp itself. You should check your network/firewall/router settings again (different subnet, DNS, port forwarding, whatever...).
pi0z #3
Member since Nov 2004 · 2 posts
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I don't really have much control over 'the big network', so I couldn't really mess with portforwarding.  I did however change the port BrowseAmp broadcasts on to '8080' and it worked :).  Strange, but slightly understandable, my IT dept. probably tried to block servers on port 80.  I don't know, I'm not really going to put much thought into it, I'm just glad it works.

- pi0z -
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