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Volume control
Flash volume dial...
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breadbaker #16
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Hmm, didn't know about the php wrapper. Just read it now.
I'm using user management though which you said should be turned off with using the wrapper.

I use a separate IFrame for the php stuf that calls an url on the local webserver.

I'll give it a try since I'm near rebuilding the skin from scratch anyway.

I ran in so many weird stuff (like the volume dial only working once in firefox - though I got another version thats just fine  :blink: )
So I'll go for the basic stuff first step by step, test it on all browsers and move on.

D██n, I feel tired (1am here). 
breadbaker #17
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just a short update.
I'm done reworking the document structure (1 page + 1 IFrame).
I fetch the data by including a javascript.
The browsers dont mind what a linked javascript filename is (eg data.js.htm) and browseamp still keeps parsing it as long as it has an htm/html extension.
I'm doing the same with my php extension to get the data right after browseamps data.
This way I can just leave out that linked script and it will still run for other users without modifying the base source.

I ran into some weirdos though:
- <#CurrentIndex> is empty if there is no file loaded.
 I'm using this workaround: parseInt("<#CurrentIndex> 0");
- <#Samplerate> is empty before a song is played. After that it caches the last value. A value of 0 would be cool in those cases.
- <#SongTotalSec> & <#SongTotalSecRemain> return leading zeros when the time is < 10.
  Firefox throws a warning for 09 (invalid Octal). Would be cool if there was a way to tell browseamp to strip/add leading zeros.

Just minor stuff, but I thought I'd share.

MSIE/Firefox work like a charm for now. Still have to test for Opera.
I hope I'll get more done this weekend (setting the values within the interface).
Will keep you updated.

Henry (Administrator) #18
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Ok, thanks for the informations. I didn't care about these issues yet but I'll have look at it soon. I'm not at home 'till Sunday evening so don't expect any support during that time.

btw: you can tell browseamp to parse every file type. See mime.ini located in the Browseamp directory.
breadbaker #19
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Thanks for the info.

Didn't bother to look into the mime.ini yet.
I'd like to keep it untouched for now and keep as many default browseamp settings as possible.

One plain text mime type (e.g. txt or htx) that gets processed by browseamp by default might be a good idea though.  ;)

What would be the chance to get a tag that sends commands to the console and return the output?
Something like <#Console cmd="dir c:">.
Maybe with a switch to parse browseamp tags within the output, e.g. <#Console cmd="dir c:" parse=true>
and a switch to tell browseamp not to wait for output (running some background stuff), e.g. <#Console cmd="dosomething.exe" output=false>.

Could use it for some neat things like starting the StationRipperConsole to record web streams or even sending a file to a php interpreter.

One should be able to turn off the processing of <#Console> tags in the browseamp configuration.

Just some brainstorming.  :whistling:

One more question though: Is there a way to parse the browseamp.ini (like done with the skin.ini)?

You are doing a great work here and you sure have a real life.
So don't rush it. I'll take what you give.  B)
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breadbaker #20
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Firefox has some serious issues with flash objects inside a container that is positioned absolute.
You can turn the volume dial once but if you try to move it a second time with out leaving the flash object Firefox tries to initiate a drag-drop event.

This happens cascaded with an object container or just a plain div (and possibly with any other absolute positioned object).

This makes it quite useless to me.
What's even worse is that I can't get it through to some of the devs, since they simply don't care.
("Why position absolute?", "Then don't use flash!", "Get Linux!" - just to mention some glorious quotes).

I'm using valid XHTML (almost 'cause I use some height attributes where I'm not supposed to), no propietary IE stuff and double checked every bit of source, yet I have to write some nasty workarounds to get it to work in Firefox.
It seems like I manage to stumble into every bugzilla entry (and some of them are open for over half a year and do not even have assigned status).

This simply ain't right.  :angry:

This may not be the right place ranting here but I feel much better now.  B)

I'm now using Courier New in case the custom bitmap fonts are not installed and placed a black grid above it to make it slightly look like a dot matrix.
This may not fit 100% pixelwise onto the title/artist display but it's most practicable for now.

I threw out that Flash volume dial for Firefoxies (using an object tag only) and replaced it with a static image.
Will make volume control available with an image map later (no eyecandy - but that's the way it is).

Hopefully later Firefox releases will resolve some problems I ran into.
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