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Bug, Questions, Feature-Request
Bug, Questions, Feature-Request
MrBald01 #1
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Hello sir,

First, great program so far!!! Found one bug and had a few questions.

The focus of the primary Configuration window is overriding all other forms?! (even the show desktop wont minmize or hide the Configuration form!) -- oh did I mention you can't move the form if the child error window is up? -- I had to end task on winamp to get it back.. yikes!

[steps to reproduce bug]:
1) Select to configure BrowseAmp 2.09 plugin (in options --> preferences)
2) Ensure "enable logging" checkbox is un-ticked (not checked)
3) Select general tab and tick (check) "config window always on top"
4) Select server setup tab again and choose to "delete logfile" (confirm to delete)
5) now select "view logfile" link .. you should recieve "File does not exist!" however if the main BrowseAmp - Configuration (always on top) window is covering the error window then here is the problem.


1) When I choose save playlist from web page (either base or eXtended) were does it actually save the file too? I've looked all over the drive and documentation but cant get that working, not sure what I'm missing any help would be great!

2) What is "allow Winamp locking"? couldt find clear understanding of that, thank you.

Feature Request:

- Allow search of music root folder to interact with windows indexing server:

As I say before good job so far!! I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Mr. Bald
Azimuth #2
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Welcome, Mr. Bald!

Until Henry chimes in, I'll address what I can.

When I choose save playlist from web page (either base or eXtended) were does it actually save the file too?
The playlist is saved in the current folder (look on the Browser page for "Current folder:").

What is "allow Winamp locking"?
The hover text of this option says that it disables controls in the Winamp window, but, it does not seem to!
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Henry (Administrator) #3
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Hi there!

I know... Maybe I can find a way to put the MessageBoxes in front of the config window.
Originally the 'always on top' option was only for my testing purposes but the I thought it would help other people to configure BrowseAmp. You could just uncheck 'always on top' but that would be too easy, right? ;)

1) Azimuth said everything about it.

2) check this box, open up the eXtended skin, go to the options page and click Winamp window lock. Then try to click something in the Winamp window... it's locked! nobody can apply any modifications to the player with the mouse or keyboard. Only access over the webinterface is allowed. You have either to unlock again or kill the Winamp thread to get control on the local Winamp application again. You see this is a very powerful option and very handy if you want to listen to YOUR music while there is someone else at your computer.

I'll have a look at the indexing server stuff and report in later.
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