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Wap skin and caching
is it possible to add a random number?
WobinB (Guest) #1
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I'm working on modifying the WAP skin, and having some problems....

somewhere between browseamp, and my wap browser the pages are getting cached. e.g. when you select the same command in succession nothing happens, because the browser simply shows the same page, without the command reaching browseamp.

What would be good is if i could add a random number to the URL, hence the browser would be forced to recieve the fresh page, this seems to work, but how would we add the random number? any ideas?

I'm not very confident with WML yet but i'm guessing javascript won't work within WML?

thanks in advance for any help

Henry (Administrator) #2
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Sorry for answering so late...

I am not experienced in WML stuff but maybe there is some header information (like expires in html) to force a complete reload. Adding a random number generator to BrowseAmp is also not too difficult. Wait for the next release.
Azimuth #3
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Maybe try this...

 <meta name="keyword" content="WAP"/>
 <meta http-equiv="cache-control" content="no-cache"/>

Here is a good reference...
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Wobinb #4
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thankyou for your replies,

the cache control lines are already included on the default wap skin, but something between browseamp and the browser is ignoring them :(

I look forward to the next release and keep up the good work.

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