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Return a 1 or a 0 if songs in playlist or not?
Return value to webpage
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Is there a way (any way) to use a BrowseAmp function to return some value like "1" to a page if there are songs in WinAmps playlist and some value like "0" if there is not?  I am working on having a page load in the browser using javascript if there are no songs left in the playlist.  The javascipt would know whether to load the new page or not by the returned value from BrowseAmp......for example if a BrowseAmp function returned a "1" to the Javascript the new page would not load because songs would still exist in the playlist.  If BrowseAmp returned a "0" to the javascript then the page would load because no songs would exist in the playlist!  Is there a way to do this??

Thanks for your time and support for such a great product!!!
I'll be sending a check soon!

Greg B
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You can use the <#playlist_numtracks> tag to make BrowseAmp insert the number of tracks in the current playlist. That's easy isn't it?  ;)
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Perfect! Thanks a bunch!
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