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removed played songs
axel (Guest) #1
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When I have the checkbox on for "remove played songs"  I have the following problem/bug:

If I rewind in a track it will be removed from the playlist (thats not a real prblem because I can still RW and FF in the track (for seeking)) but when the next song is played the 2nd song in the playlist will be played and not the first. And the first song is removed again e.g.

1. song1(playing)
2. song2
3. song3
4. song4

On rewind the song on position 1 is removed.
so you get:
1. song2
2. song3
3. song4
--song1 is still playing

when you go to the next track the song position1 will be removed and the song on position 2 will be played.
so you get this:
1. song3(playing)
2. song4
--song2 will never be played until it will be added to the play list again

Can you help this problem or is it because winamp sets a flag for the song

greetings axel
Henry (Administrator) #2
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You must not use Winamp's track navigation while having the remove-played-songs feature enabled. BrowseAmp needs to poll the currently playing track 'cause it is not notified by Winamp whenever the track changes. Seeking within the track with the Winamp controls confuses BrowseAmp's track change detection algorithm. You habe seen the result. Either you use only the BrowseAmp webinterface for control or disable the remove-played-songs feature.
axel (Guest) #3
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That's a pitty cause I use winamp on my desktop and other peaple use the web interface (on a LAN party or at work).
But I will also use the webinterface then if there is no other solution
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