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Pete (Guest) #1
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A new skin.  Basically adding the controls of Browseamp to a winamp interface...

I need help making this skin.  I've just got a new job and I won't be able to finish it on my own...  I'm at version 0.04, but it's not progressing quickly enough.  You'll gget full access to betas of the project and be able to implement your own changes.

If you can offer your help to what will could become the new standard skin for browseamp, then send an e-mail to with the subject "browseamp skin"


Pete (Guest) #2
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I certainly have not yet received the outpouring of support I was hoping for on this project, but, I have a new job in London tomorrow, so I can't complain.  I will be out of the reach of the internet 5days of the week, starting tonight... so I think it very unlikely that I will be able to continue this project to any great extent.

I have uploaded the latest version to Henry, and you will have to pester him to give you a copy.  Its highly functional even though it's not as graphically happy as it ought to be.  Read the wishlist and version history to figure out what's going on in the skin.

Hope to hear from someone soon, offering help... I hope.
Hope you enjoy it,

Henry (Administrator) #3
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I have added the latest version (0.4) to the skin download page on the BrowseAmp website. I hope you'll get some support.
Have fun in London!  ;)
Pete (Guest) #4
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I'm at work, sitting in front of a Mac (yuck).

I have submitted version 0.10 to Henry, and hopefully, he will have time to post it soon.

As I have very little time for development, I hope that YOU will be able to help.

Past skinners, this is a call to action.  Help peteamp grow.  Just download the new version and send an e-mail to the address on the front page.


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