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How can I speed up browsing my MP3s?
Ben (Guest) #1
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Hey there..

I currently have about 4500 MP3s based on my server running off a dedicated 80gb SATA drive with Browseamp 2.08 running.
To access them I use my LAN, but because I've got 4500 tracks it takes a long time (in my opinion! about 1min) to list all the songs. Its a real pain when I'm going back and forth selecting songs

I don't think this is a Browseamp problem, more a Windows one. Currently all my songs are in a subdirectory of Music. I've thought about putting them into Album/alphabetical directories but I'd like to avoid that if possible.
Do you have any suggestions how I can speed up listing the songs?

Specs are..
AMD Athlon 1.4
384mb Ram
1x20gb SYS Drive
1x80gb VOL drive
1x80gb SATA VOL drive
Windows Server 2003
Winamp 5.01
Browseamp 2.08

P4 1.9
756mb Ram
100mbit Network

Azimuth #2
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I only have ~1,700 songs, but, I can imagine your frustration! I recently bit the bullet and organized my songs into artist/album folders for the sake of album art (I had a flat Music folder like you). This does help a lot with browsing speed.
Henry (Administrator) #3
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Use the media library. It splits your collection and displays about 20 tracks per page. Loads really fast. You can navigate back, forth or search directly.
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