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slashes in #RootDirectory
Bill (Guest) #1
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I am trying to make a javascript function that changes the browser window back to the root directory, but when I do something like this:


It loses the slashes in the root directory name because the backslash is JavaScript's escape character.

What I could really use is something like #browser_enc_directoryname for RootDirectory so it would come encrypted.

I tried to write a Javascript function that would accomplish this but when I send the RootDirectory string to the function I must send it as a string so the slashes are already gone. 

Thanks for any ideas.
Bill (Guest) #2
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I found a work around for this.

I put the RootDirectory into a form like this:

<form name="rootForm"><input type="hidden" name="root" value="<#RootDirectory>"></form>

Then onLoad() I load it into a variable:

var rootDir ="";
function setRootDir() {
    rootDir = document.rootForm.root.value;

and then I use the Javascript escape() function:

window.frames["contentframe"].location="browser.html?dir=" + escape(rootDir);
Henry (Administrator) #3
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BrowseAmp already supports escaping the tags. The syntax is like: <#RootDirectory escape=true>
See BrowseAmp help for more details and other encoding parameters.
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