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Media Library
robc #1
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BrowseAMP is great. One quick question: one the skins that support the Media Library ... is there any way to set either a default query or option to load the first screen (or first "audio") screen which comes up to show say, either all artists, or all genres, or all some sub-set?

I can edit the source (i do web dev) so if there's a good query string I could just add it to the files and be done with it ....

The catch is, when I click "audio" I get a monstorous list. It'd be nice to come up with a list you could drill into, rather than having the first "audio" list  be a list which lists everything, displaying all content in the audio list.

any thoughts, pointers, ideas, would be great. thanks.

wonderful tool, thanks very much for your hard work.

Henry (Administrator) #2
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A query showing only artist/albums does not exist. You could ask the winamp devs to add such a query. I'm currently working on splitting the query results in multiple pages. Maybe that helps you out. I hope to release it tomorrow morning, presumed it does not get too late tonight...
robc #3
Member since Jul 2004 · 5 posts
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Thanks. The paging, "next / previous" helps enormously. Most excellent tool.

thanks again! keep up the great work, we all appreciate it!
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