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Multiple adding and logins
axel (Guest) #1
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When you add a song to the playlist it will appear in the adressbar of the browser so when you hit the refresh button it will add the song again to the playlist (This is very anoing on a LAN when it is a music server and you can't keep looking after it).

- I thougt it must be possible to work with a session like this:

it is in ASP I don't really know javascript or PHP very well but it must look like the same

if (sesseon("add")=true) Then
End If

Another question of me is,
Is it possible to make a annonomous login so when a user connects it sees a simple skin (like "guest" e.g. where you can't add files).
And when youre loggedin you have youre own user skin with its functions and a logout button.

I hope you understand what I mean with it

and go on like this its still getting better with every version you make
Azimuth #2
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I think Henry's solution to the fist item is a refresh link in the skin that just reloads the skin's index page.

For the second, you can set up a guest account in user management. I use the login "guest" with a password of "guest"and pass this info on to others to give them limited access. You can also specify the skin used for that login.
Henry (Administrator) #3
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There is no php parsing in BrowseAmp so Azimuth's solution is the only way, yet.
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