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installer script not working
awilinsk #1
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when I try to compile the installer.nsi script this is the output I get from the compiler:

 - Dialer::GetConnectedState
 - InstallOptions::dialog
 - InstallOptions::initDialog
 - InstallOptions::show
 - LangDLL::LangDialog
 - Math::Script
 - nsExec::Exec
 - nsExec::ExecToLog
 - nsExec::ExecToStack
 - nsisdl::download
 - nsisdl::download_quiet
 - splash::show
 - StartMenu::Select
 - System::Alloc
 - System::Call
 - System::Copy
 - System::Free
 - System::Get
 - System::Int64Op
 - System::Store
 - UserInfo::GetAccountType
 - UserInfo::GetName
 - VPatch::vpatchfile


Changing directory to: "C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\browseamp\bob"

Processing script file: "C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\browseamp\bob\installer.nsi"
!define: "MUI_PRODUCT"="BERC"
!define: "MUI_VERSION"="1.0"
!include: "C:\Program Files\NSIS\Contrib\Modern UI\System.nsh"
NSIS Modern User Interface version 1.69 - © 2002-2004 Joost Verburg (C:\Program Files\NSIS\Contrib\Modern UI\System.nsh:11)
!define: "MUI_VERBOSE"="3"
!include: closed: "C:\Program Files\NSIS\Contrib\Modern UI\System.nsh"
!define: "MUI_WELCOMEPAGE"=""
!define: "MUI_LICENSEPAGE"=""
!define: "MUI_INNERTEXT_DIRECTORY_TOP"="Now you have to choose the directory where Winamp is installed.

Setup will then install the previously selected files for you.


Click Install when you're done."
!define: "MUI_FINISHPAGE"=""
!define: "MUI_ABORTWARNING"=""
!insertmacro: MUI_LANGUAGE
warning: !warning: The MUI_PRODUCT and MUI_VERSION defines have been removed. Use a normal Name command now.
!insertmacro: end of MUI_LANGUAGE
OutFile: "BERC.exe"
LicenseData: "readme.txt"
!insertmacro: macro named "MUI_RESERVEFILE_SPECIALINI" not found!
Error in script "C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\browseamp\bob\installer.nsi" on line 41 -- aborting creation process

What can I do to fix this?
Henry (Administrator) #2
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Maybe you dont have the same NSIS version I had when creating the script.
Try to remove the MUI_RESERVEFILE_??? tags from the script. Maybe this helps.
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