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BrowseAmp resets volume constantly
overwrites winamp.ini on winamp exit
Teancum98 #1
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The title says it pretty well.  BrowseAmp resets the volume in winamp.ini to 254 every time winamp exits.  Normally that would not be a problem, since I usually use the knob on my speakers to adjust volume, but on full volume, I get distortion when playing back CDs and MP3s.  I've tried editing the winamp.ini file manually, but browseAmp kinda ignores it.  What gives?
Henry (Administrator) #2
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You need to set a new volume with BrowseAmp not the winamp volume slider. BA stores the volume internally 'cause there is a bug with reading the current volume. If you don't use BA the old volume is always reloaded on startup. But editing the ini BEFORE you open winamp should also work.
Guest (Guest) #3
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Editing winamp.ini (and saving it) before starting up winamp doesn't seem to have any effect.  But w/o BA, all's well, as you say.  How can I change the volume setting directly in BA?

BTW, props on the UI and functionality.  It's a lot better than the other web-control plugins I've tried.
Teancum98 #4
Member since Mar 2004 · 2 posts
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Whoops.  Didn't register for that post.

Anyway, I edited the volume in browseamp.ini, and it worked.  Thanks.
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