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Bug in 2.07? Plus Question/Feature Request!
Ben (Guest) #1
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Hey Henry..

Great piece of software as always! I think I might have found a bug in the LanDJ Skin, which I know isn't created by you, but thought I would mention it here. In Playlist it lists the Artist twice, eg at the moment I have 10CC playing, and the playlist comes up as..

10 CC10 CC - I'm Not In Love

Another question. Is it possible to speed up showing all my music? This is probably a windows problem, but it takes quite a long time to list all my 4500 songs (!). And finally is it possible to list all music by album, as well/instead of show all the music? I would find this really useful if I wanted to play just music by one particular artist!

Anyway.. keep up the good work !
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I never used LAN DJ enough to notice that, but, I see it too. He uses both <#playlist_artist> and <#playlist_songtitle>. This, I believe, is a song tagging issue. I only use <#playlist_songtitle> (also used by the base and extended skins).

I believe Henry just sped things up pretty well. Maybe there is more in there somewhere?  ;)

For the albums, I would just use the search bar and type in the album name.
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