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Great Plugin
DaDe (Guest) #1
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I love your plugin!<BR>I have redone your base skin to a framed version so the pages aren't updated constantly onlly the playlist and trackinfo pages.<BR><BR>But with your plugin running it seems i can't acces the configuration of the Sqrsoft crossfade plugin, it even makes Winamp crash!!<BR><BR>I also want to sugest some options you might want to consider:<BR>- The abality to "create" your own extra pages wich can show all the information like for example <#volume><BR>- Multiple users login: a user who logs in under a certain name can only view the playlist, someone else can edit the playlist and stop the playback,...<BR>- Move items in the playlist (Move them # places up/down<BR>- ...<BR><BR>If you make an update please let me know. Keep up the good work!<BR><BR>DaDe<BR><BR><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><BR><a href=""></a>
Henry (Administrator) #2
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I just make over this website (coming soon).Why don't you send me your new skin so I can put it in the "web skin download area".<BR><BR>I don't know this crossfader plug-in but I think I can't do much to make it work. Winamp manages the plug-in's (DLL-Files) and provides the Winamp-API. So maybe there is some kind of access violation. But I'm gonna check this crossfader plug-in!<BR><BR>Including your own pages should be no problem. I'll support this in the next release.<BR><BR>Multiple user access I a little more work (user management, different accounts,...). You are the first who asks for it so I'll wait for others that request this function before I go to work.<BR><BR>Moving items is also tricky because you can't just drag'n'drop the files within a web-browser. But I'll think about it <IMG SRC="images/icon_wink.gif"><BR><BR>Thanks for your comments<BR>Henry<BR><BR><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><BR><a href=""></a>
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