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Annoying Problems with Keep Alive
ted (Guest) #1
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Hi - I have noticed some consistent weirdness with the Keep Alive and Remove From Playlist After Played features.

1. If I have them activated,  and I am playing a song in WinAmp and I double click or right click to select a file to play in the WinAmp Library (built-in version in 2.9), the song will briefly show up in the playlist and then be removed and two random songs are put in its place... so it is difficult to play song that I want with this feature active.  If I double click on a file in the Media Library (or right click and select Play in the menu), the song(s) should replace whatever is in the Playlist and should begin playing without any fighting with BrowseAmp.

2. Also, if I want to stop playing a song (stop all playback), if I push stop, BrowseAmp will repeatedly put new songs in the list and play them. I have to click stop like 5 times in a row to get WinAmp to stop playing... It seems that if I hold the mouse button down longer each time, I can get it to stop in two or three clicks, but I often use an ATI Remote Wonder, so I don't really have as much control. It should stop playing after the first click on stop.

3. If I am not playing a song, and I click Remove All in the playlist window, BrowesAmp will put two new songs in it and start playing. (Not the desired response, if I am trying to build a playlist from scratch.

I want Random playback, but I don't want to have to deal with these problems. If I have Keep Alive checked, and Remove from Playlist unchecked, when WinAmp comes to the end of the playlist, it doesn't add any new songs, and stops playing, so I don't understand why these are two checkboxes. Seems like the only way to get this to work is to have both checked.

I wish there were any easier way to toggle this "Auto DJ" type feature on and off, rather than so many clicks into the Prefs screen. Is there a way to either include an item in the WinAmp main right click menu, or create a small system tray icon with a menu?

When I open up BrowseAmp, the Config window opens low and right of center on my 800 x 600 screen.

I also have found the PC that is in my entertainment center (it's slow, circa '97) to crash over night often. I wonder if there are memory leaks in BrowseAmp.

Can you fix these in 2.06?   :-)


Henry (Administrator) #2
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Ok, let me explain some things...

Winamp does NOT throw a message when the current track changes so I have to poll the current playing track an decide whether it has changed or not.
So if you change the track with clicking a track in the winamp library BrowseAmp thinks the track has changed and the remove-played-songs feature kicks the previously played track from the playlist.
Now the playlist is empty and the keep-playlist-alive feature adds two random tracks. You have proved that these features work correctly ;) !

You see, there is nothing I can do... :(

I recommend to disable these two features if you mix you way to control Winamp.

I'll have a look at the config-window-position problem and the possible memory leaks.
ted (Guest) #3
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How do Keep Playlist Alive and Remove Played Songs function independently? I can't seem to get it to "keep the playlist alive" UNLESS I have BrowseAmp also removing played songs from the playlist.
a) If this is the intended behavior then they shouldn't be separate check boxes... there should be only one.
B) From your response to my earlier post, it seems that it is the combination of alive + remove that is doing the funny stuff when I want to play a song from the Media library or I clear the playlist (with the intention of starting from scratch and creating a new queue of songs.

Does the WinAmp API not allow you to see that WinAmp is either in a state of "playing a song" or "not playing"? If it does provide this info, then it would make sense when WinAmp is not playing for Browseamp to not do anything to the playlist - for example if I clear the playlist while not playing a song, Browseamp should do nothing, rather than inserting two songs immediately and start playing.

When I want to select and play a song or group of songs from the media library, there isn't any way for you to see what's happening and have BrowseAmp just standby, rather than overriding the play request?

Thanks Henry!
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