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A couple of feature ideas
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BrowseAmp is great! These ideas may have been written before, but I thought I'd share a couple of thoughts that came to mind, and if this is repetitive, then you know more than one person has been thinking abou this.

It would be nice if a skin had a "small view" as well as the "full view". So, with the extended skin, which seems to be the best to date, if you could click a button and it would bring up a very small browser window (with none of the normal application menu bar, tool bar, or status bar) that just showed you what's playing and allowed you to change volume, pause, stop, or skip forward or back -- basically a smaller standalone version of the top frame or "show" screen but with a smaller interface. I'm imagining something more diminuitive like the WinAmp player window or an instant messenger window.

I could imagine the "Keep Playlist Alive" feature being expanded to allow a sort of Auto DJ where you selected some subdirectories to play from. -- The thoughts about changes are that a) you could explicitly select a few directories rather than all of the files under your top mp3 directory, and that may be it would keep a list of 10 songs populated in the directory rather than just one, so you could see more of what's coming up. If you could read ID3 tags in BrowseAmp, I could imagine this allowing you to not just select certain directories, but certain genres, "moods", "situations", "preferences" (the last three are MusicMatch attributes that could be read just like Genre.
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