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imnlen (Guest) #1
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Well...i dont know if there is much interest in this, or if it has already been done, or if it is popular simply with skinning, but some sort of capability to integrate a form-mailer in to the interface for the purpose of mailing song requests to an address of the servers discretion.  I imagine this would require some sort of lightweigh cgi or something including into the built in webserver.  Has this been done?
Henry (Administrator) #2
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Why don't you just use your e-mail client to send e-mails? :-p

This has not been done yet because you are the first who asks for that option. Maybe this will be added some day but it's really low priority.

You could set up a parallel webserver that receives these form data and handles the e-mail stuff.

Anyone else?
Guest_genekeenan (Guest) #3
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I was going to suggest the same thing Henry but it seemed obvious.

You should set up another web server or use one that may be existing on your machine. For instance if you run w2k you have a Web server built in all you would have to do is run an asp page or install active perl and run a perl script (go to or someplace similar). You could also put in a php interpreter. If you don't run w2k or don't like IIS you could install Apache. All of these things are free and easy to install. You would need a mail program too. But again, if you have w2k there is one built in you just need to configure it.


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