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General Problems!
will (Guest) #1
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Great software! why aren't there more people doing web based or network based mp3 stuff???

My problem is (among many) I can get the server up and running (on a w2k box with IIS - but port set to 8080) - I can log into it and see all the directories of mp3s (which are stored on a server - and the BrowseAmp is on a seperate box). But when I click on play, stop and all the control things nothing seems to happen - and even if I manuall press play on winamp on the BrowseAmp PC - I still can't hear anything on the pc that's logged onto it's webpage.

Any clues?


Azimuth #2
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BrowseAmp does not broadcast the music, it just controls it. If this is what you are looking for, look at ShoutCast or some other WinAmp streaming plugin.

When I want to stream, I just run Windows Media Encoder on my "music" PC. WME does add about 13 seconds of delay, though.
Jonathan Stott (Guest) #3
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Anyone know of any software that doesn't have such a noticeable delay? I'm using the Shoutcast thingy that plugs into Winamp but get a 20-odd second delay  :(

Henry (Administrator) #4
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You can reduce the buffer size in the ShoutCast options screen to get less delay.
But expect connection interrupts then...  :(
Keefy #5
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There are some Winamp plug-ins that allow you to syncronize two Winamps on a network. Bit of a kludge really, I never had much luck with them.
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