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one other thing.  im still running 1.99 (i think), because when i moved to 2, it didnt allow me to customize the html as well as i wanted.  tonight, im going to switch over to 2.03 and run with it.

so perhaps this is available in 2.03 already...

logging to a seperate file?
i know the prefs show the last 4 or 5 requests made.  but id really like to have all requests spit out to a txt file.  the info is already there, it just needs to be dumped to a file instead of an array in the registry (or wherever it is hiding).

does 2.03 do this?  is this something that might appear in the future?

i just would like to look at the traffic i get once a week or so.  instead of only looking at the last five requests (which could have been in 5 minutes or 5 days with no way of knowing...)

Henry (Administrator) #2
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I already thought of that feature but I didn't need it and nobody requested it ... yet.
I think the logging feature is not a big deal so expect it in the next release.
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Wouldn't it be great if there is a logging side in the browser,
for example: index.html?log and schwups there is a list of the last connections.

Maybe you think over it.
Jan Reiss
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