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Winamp As Windows Service
Keefy #1
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Does anyone know how to make Winamp run as a Windows service? I'd like to be able to create a socket listener on port 80 that automatically starts Winamp on an incomming connection, however I don't think that's possible, so what I would like is to be able to make Winamp start as a service, like the ones in the Computer Management MMC control panel (in "Administrative Tools").

One of the cool things about BrowseAmp is that it can control another users Winamp on a XP multi-user desktop. If you could configure Winamp to automatically start before the user login screen, then any user could log in and open a web browser to start playing music. You wouldn't need to worry about multiple Winamp running as different users.

Does anyone know how to do this, or a good place to start looking? I've googled a little but I couldn't see anything on making your own services. All a service is is a command line argument to start the process, and some configuration stuff, so it shouldn't be too hard to do.
Juido #2
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Hi, i guess it will be possible.

Look what i found:

this page discribe how to make a battlecom server as a service and i belive this will works with winamp too.

just try it out
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Henry (Administrator) #3
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Can you please write a short summary of the procedure how to run Winamp as a service.
I'm sure the FAQ would want it... Thanks
mavas #4
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Hmm, I have also been busy to do something like this.
I placed a song in the Windows start-up folder, so that Winamp will automatically play the file. And I have placed Internet explorer in the same startup folder, so that it will automatically run Browseamp as startpage.

If you set some options in Winamp, it is possible not to let it show on the desktop, so that anyone can control Browseamp, and not Winamp.

Hope you have something usefull out of this.  :unsure:
Keefy #5
Member since Mar 2003 · 89 posts
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Thanks for the responses. I'm still busy with other things, but I'll be back at all this soon...! mavas, yeah I'm already doing something like that, but it get's complicated if you use WinXP and allow multiple user logins and "fast-user switching". You end up with two Winamps, and only one can grab port 80, while the other throws an error message.

Juido, the link you suggest looks very promising. Once I get the time to do this, I'll write a HOWTO, and maybe have some example .reg files to do it. It could even be done as an option in BrowseAmp, however I need to test if it causes any problems. For example, you might not be able to get a Winamp GUI up while it's running that way (although I think the "allow multiple instances" check should get around this if it's turned off).
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