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Enhancements To Keep Playlist Alive
Keefy #1
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Hello everyone!!

I've recently turned on the "Keep playlist alive" option and I'm quite liking it so far. However, my library has some very varied stuff on it, such as stand-up comedy and live recordings. These don't blend well into the music mix.

Here's a couple of things that I think may be useful. Some of them contradict each other slightly (in implementation), so I'm looking for your opinions on them!
[*]Option for maximum track length e.g. 5 minutes
[*]A "this dir is OK for random" or "this dir is NOT OK for random" token system, e.g. special named files in the library
[*]An ini file system, where directories can be opted into or excluded
The first is fairly aren't going to get a random mix when that 4 hour recording of a festival you have kicks in. It will ensure that the mix is a bit more snappy. A minimum track length might also be useful, to avoid intro/interlude tracks etc and concentrate more on real tracks.

The second and third are basically the same thing as each other, done a different way. The token system would save some metadata in a file (or use 0-byte files of particular names) to indicate whether the directory (and it's subdirectories) was suitable for inclusion into the mix.

Another way to do it could be an ini-file section. I think this would be the simplest to do overall. First there would a default include entry, which could be the library root. Each additional entry would contain the directory name, and whether it was included. You would also want to be able to mention directories that are excluded, e.g. ones above a parent dir where you want all it's sibling directories to be included. For example:

exclude=C:\Music\Dance\Live; C:\Music\Dance\Mixed; C:\Music\Funk\Live"

Now taking this one step further, as always seems to be the case when I start typing ideas about a "moods" option? If you give the user the ability to change which ini file was being used e.g. "mellow.ini", "upbeat.ini", "party.ini" for this selection, you would be able to do some pretty cool playlist-like things.

For example, you can make a HTML button to toggle the status of any directory. To check if the current directory is included, simply string compare to the include and exclude strings. If your directory contains ANY entry in "include" AND your directory DOES NOT contain any entry in "exclude" then it is set, else it's not (warning, logic not tested and probably incomplete!). If it's set, your button to unset it would create a new "exclude" entry, and if it's not currently set, the button adds a new "include" entry. Thus you can change the mix from the client (admins only I think!!), and an option to change/retrieve the active ini file name would complete it.

Whatdya think?   :huh:
Guest_genekeenan (Guest) #2
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I opt for the .ini system. It is the most flexible and seems the most easy one to implement.

Henry (Administrator) #3
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Interesting! I'll think about that.
Does anyone else need that? More comments welcome!
Juido #4
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yes that sounds good in combination with enhancement user righ settings
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Scott Yellig (Guest) #5
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Yes, this is something I would also like.

Also, the keep playlist alive seems to function strangely with the 'remove files after playing' option

It seems the list is only keptalive if the list is EMPTY.. not just exhausted.

I would prefer to have tracks add when the end of the list is reached, instead of having the player stop completely. That way I can have a list of tracks which have been played, and still keep the list alive.

BUT: This program is absolutely awesome, thanks for taking the time to keep it up!

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