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Board Problems
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Just read this!

just received these mails but I think you should read them.

forwarded message
>From  : Paul McDonald <[email protected]>
To    : [email protected]
Date  : Dienstag, 22. April 2003, 21:58
Subject: Error on the forums

<original message>
I'd like to register in the forums but the registration number graphics
(anti-spam) are not appearing.

Can you help???


</original message>

I was expecting this :-)

Visit here and test:
I see it working ok, but it might related with the below problem, keep reading...

forwarded message
>From  : Tony Nowakowski <[email protected]>
To    : [email protected]
Date  : Mittwoch, 23. April 2003, 07:09
Subject: Board!

<original message>
Uh oh! Looks like there is a board problem! The default Apache page comes up!

And just when I'm making progress on a new "borrowed" skin...

AKA: Azimuth

</original message>

Yes he was right! It seems that when I compiled Apache I forgot to set the Apache scoreboard directory and it seems that for some reason, just before few hours (at 1:00am) the scoreboard was needed. So Apache crashed...
I've changed the configuration now and I have included the Scoreboard setting... While I was changing the configuration, Apache was restarted using it's default directory (where no configuration exists) and for 10 minutes the Apache default page was shown to all sites at my server.

I am very sorry for this, please quote the above answer and forward it to the above recipients or post it at the forum.

Thank you for your patience.

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