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Playlist Order With .m3u Files
Playlists load in wrong order
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SteveB #16
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I've just spent ages trawling the Winamp forums (which are now back up), and a lot of people describe problems similar to the one above, but *NOT* the same. Mostly they talk about drag & drop, or using the Windows context menu to play all files in a directory. The key to those problems is that the files are loading in the order they're stored on the disk - either by file date or by the order the FAT lists them in. A few suggested answers talk about the "Sort files on load" option, or sorting manually after loading the files.

None of that helps solve the problem described above though.  :( I suppose if there's no other solution I could re-order all my playlists so the 2nd track is listed last, but that's a huge nasty horrible kludge!

Henry, do you use a different function to load the playlist into Winamp in Browseamp V2? (cos that works fine)? Any chance you could change V1.8x to use the same function?

Henry (Administrator) #17
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I think is has something to do with the way I start playback when loading a playlist. In the 1.xx BrowseAmp I set the playlist index to the last track I found and started playback, maybe before all tracks were added by Winamp.

Now I set the index directry to the first inserted (can be one for a single file or or more tracks for a playlist or directory) track. I think that's the difference. Why don't you use the new BrowseAmp (like your skins, eh?)? I'm not much motivated to hack the old code 'cause there are too many issues with it...

You are right with the "add-a-whole-directory" thing. The files are added just like they are stored on the disk. You can verify this with a simple "dir" at the dos prompt. But there is no solution from my side. the Winamp API does not allow sorting the playlist.  :(
SteveB #18
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Thanks Henry. I can understand not wanting to hack the old code. I'd actually be pretty happy to switch to the new Browseamp. Does it have all features implemented yet (and is it stable)? That's all I've really been waiting for. Well, that and I'm too lazy to re-code my skin, but I knew I'd have to do it sooner or later :)

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