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Browseamp 2 To-do List (Important)
what you can expect in future releases
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Henry (Administrator) #16
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No. Sorry.
rileyvrh #17
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This is a very nice web browser interface for controling winamp but the problem with allowing users is that they can munipulate the songs for themselves and for other users.
Guest_Nick (Guest) #18
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You need to fix the compatibility issue with winamp 5.2. Its a Division by zero error that should be easy to replicate and fix.
Someone said it has something to do with the changes in the Media Library because it works when that is not installed.
manaox2 (Guest) #19
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Would be nice if you fixed that bug listed above. It could prob. use some more security as well. This program is set to become A LOT more popular with psp users but its missing the boat due to its little problem with no longer working with winamp at all anymore.
Julian (Guest) #20
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Agree completely with the above post - this is the first time I'm on this site & forum and solely because I'm a PSPRadio user  :)
Incidentally - do we know at least why the latest & greatest is not working with 5.2?

Good stuff - really looking forward to seeing this working on Winamp 5.2 and PSP Firmware 1.5!

asdas (Guest) #21
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it`s infinity useful! i realy like it, but refreshing is awful :-( web-making not so good to provide comfort work: tables always jumps; when some song has selected and something force you to refresh page, the song start again from very begining and so on... it`s time to use such technologies as AJAX.
i actually have .8 version, perhaps bug fixed but there are "charset=iso-8859-1" hardcoded on some pseudo-html pages (in eXtended skin at least) and current playing song cannot be correctly moved in playlist_browser.html.
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