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Henry (Administrator) #16
Member since Jan 2003 · 865 posts · Location: Munich Germany
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are you going to depreciate <#playlist_enc_songtitle> and <#enc_songtitle>
No, maybe someone has already included them somewhere...
Keefy #17
Member since Mar 2003 · 89 posts
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Been getting somewhere with this today. Been tearing my hair out trying to get it all working with every possible character that you might throw at it. Took me ages to get the handling of " and ' characters right, as they were being processed as a part of the onclick="" javascript events. Then their was the & character, which is valid in your URLs, but also a potential character in a file name. Getting there though, got most of it handled now.

I think I may have found a small bug on the server though. When requesting the playlist using <#playlist_songtitle urlencoded=true>, I'm finding that the names are being cut off whenever there is a ' character. For example:

"John's Song" will be returned as "John". It seems to be doing this in the data I'm getting from the server.

Don't seem to have any issues with the equivalent browser command though.

Also, is there any chance of changing the + characters to %20 instead, when using this option? It's another string search & replace that as to be performed everytime there is an update. Quite a costly operation apparently, in terms of resources. I've got it working now, so it's it's complicated or breaks anything else, it's not that important.
Keefy #18
Member since Mar 2003 · 89 posts
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Oops, hold that thought! It may actually be some wierdness in my stuff. I'll get back to you when I know more...
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