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Fraser (Guest) #1
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Hello again, another suggestion that some may find useful...

One of the things that has always annoyed me about Winamp is the Enqueue/Play options. My system is set up with the idea that anyone that is round at my flat can put some music on without needing instructions. This is especially useful at drunken parties! The web makes a great interface for this, as everyone is familiar with it.

Anyway, with Winamp's existing options, you don't have this. If you set the mp3 file association to "Play" in winamp, then any track/album put on by anyone will zap the playlist. Not good.

On the other hand, Enqueue does exactly what you'd want. Except one thing that catches everyone out...if Winamp is currently stopped (e.g. reached the end of the playlist), nothing happens. I have to help everyone out with this at home, and what you usually find are 20 copies of the file in the playlist, as they have been clicking the queue button repeatively, not knowing what to do next.

Would it be possible to have an option that would automatically play the recently added track, if Winamp is currently stopped? I'm not sure if you'd want to do that with both the "add next" and the "add" options in BrowseAmp though...thoughts anyone?

Only difficulty would be that this would have to be a configurable option, to not break backwards compatability with everyones environment.
Henry (Administrator) #2
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Thats not a big deal! Will come in the new version...soon...I hope  :unsure: .
Thanks for the suggestions!
genekeenan #3
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that is a great suggestion. i had not encountered that limitation yet.

Guest (Guest) #4
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Thanks Henry, this annoyance has been bugging me for literally 3 years. Once I get around to getting some proper skinning done, I think I'll be running Winamp in the system tray only from now on!!  ;)
Fraser (Guest) #5
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That was me, sorry! I'll create an account tomorrow!!  ;)
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