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Xml Would Be Amazing...
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genekeenan #16
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yah, your proof works fine.

it will be really great to have this all in xml and it will be nice to be able to control the formatting of the xml. Flash really hates white space tho it won't be such a problem in a closed environment such as a home network.

very exciting

Keefy #17
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OK, it seems I've got pretty much everything working already. Almost too easy, I'm thinking I've missed something.  ;)

The attached zip contains a simulation of the XML interface. Load up "index.html" to get going. This page requests two XML files from BrowseAmp. To simplify things (and because BrowseAmp doesn't process XML in the same way as HTML yet), I've represented the files it would return in the "Simulation" directory. See my post in the Main forum in the beta discussion to see how BrowseAmp can generate these. Normally these values would point to the BrowseAmp server, e.g. "http://myHost/CurrentTrack.xml". Hopefully I'll be able to parameterise the server name and port, maybe storing it in a cookie or something.

Note that the same XSL file is used for both of the transforms. This is not required, you could have multiple files if you wanted. I've chosen to have one for the time being, this should simplify things. The "for-each" elements ensures that only the relevant parts are displayed, e.g. if the input XML doesn't contain a "CurrentTrack" element, then that information is not displayed.

Normally, XML/XSL works the other way around, where you have the same XML file (usually really a database interface) and multiple XSL files to define all the different ways of viewing the data, e.g. "product index", "product detail", that sort of thing. As one of the aims of what I am doing is to reduce cross-host transfers to a minimum, the approach here is different.

The XML format (schema) used in the example is very far from final. I'll probably change the format away from elements:

    <title>First track</title>

into attributes:

<item id="1" length="1:01" title="First track"/>

as this should bring the byte-count down for the transfers. It makes no difference really, the XSL is only very slightly different for either approach.
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Keefy #18
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First beta of a working skin is available in the Skins forum. Please place any future discussion in that topic.
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