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Internet Explorer In Fullscreen Mode
Henry (Administrator) #1
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I just found an interesting option for Internet Explorer.

You can start IE in fullscreen mode (without any borders or navigation) with the following command line option:

You may replace <url> with localhost or whatever you like. This could  be useful for a BrowseAmp powered web-frontend.
Que (Guest) #2
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Cool tip!  How do you get it out of that mode?  Key combination?  Windows key + D minimizes it but it doesn't even have an icon in the running programs tray.

-=Que B)
Que (Guest) #3
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Found this list of commands.... B)

Once in Kiosk mode, you can use these keyboard shortcuts to access the features of IE.

Ctrl+A: Select all (editing)
Alt+left arrow: Back
Alt+right arrow: Forward
Esc: Stop
F5: Refresh
Ctrl+B: Organize favorites
Ctrl+X: Cut (editing)
Ctrl+C: Copy (editing)
Ctrl+V: Paste (editing)
Ctrl+F: Find (on current page)
Ctrl+H: View History folder
Ctrl+L: Open Location dialog box
Ctrl+N: New window (opens in non-Kiosk mode)
Ctrl+O: Open Location dialog box (same as Ctrl+L)
Ctrl+P: Print
Ctrl+R: Refresh
Ctrl+S: Save
Ctrl+W Close (same as Alt+F4)

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