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Control Multiple Winamp Sessions?!
Aaron #1
Member since Mar 2003 · 64 posts
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I'd love to see the ability to run multiple WinAMPs on a single PC and control them from a single (set of) BrowseAMP web pages.

I guess I could set each to a different port # (ex: 81,82,83,etc) but I'd love to see some "syncronization" between them so they know what each other is doing... so if I wanted to run multiple "zones" (each sound card would be a separate zone) I could tell it to play the same song on zone 1, 3, and 4 with the click of a single button. Among other things.

know what I mean?  :blink:

what do you all think?  B)
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Henry (Administrator) #2
Member since Jan 2003 · 865 posts · Location: Munich Germany
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I wonder why BrowseAmp works with multiple instances on Winamp... :blink:

Anyway, I don't think that would work because the different BrowseAmps can not talk to each other (except over HTTP).
SteveB #3
Member since Apr 2003 · 29 posts
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Aaron, I've tried somehting similar to this (not using Browseamp). the problem you get is that the different zones get out of sync with each other. Not a problem if you can only hear 1 zone at a time I suppose but it sounds a horrible mess if you can hear 2 zones that are slightly out of sync. Like a really bad DJ :)
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