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Non-visual Skin For Browseamp
FreeJack #1
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Well actually it's just an xml document with most of the data from browseamp in it. It doesn't make much sense to view it in a browser (you *can*, but use view source to see the actual xml document), but it's designed to be called from another application, which then produces a viewable output.

It has several limitations :

  • There's no playlist. The playlist afaict* is generated internally by BrowseAmp and is thus not very XML friendly.

  • There's no filebrowser/control panel. Again because they're generated internally (and they really wouldn't make much sense here anyway).

  • It's just a datastorage. There's no refresh, no play, no stop etc, just pure data. If you want to call any of the play/stop/forward/etc functions, you need to do it from the application that parses this xml document.

Now the reason why i even wrote this is because i wanted to (for fun) write a wap page to control it, so i could control it using my wap phone. Seeing as wap pages require a specific content type (text/vnd.wap.wml for those interested) it isn't possible to call BrowseAmp directly using a wap phone. An option in a future BrowseAmp to set the content type would be nice, but it limits who can view it. Using the xml document, you can have several applications requesting it, and displaying various types of output.

Okay, enough gibberish from me  :)
Let me know if you think it's usable.
I've attached the index2.html file to this post.


  • As Far As I Can Tell :)
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Henry (Administrator) #2
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A good way to generate XML data!

I hope to avoid creating html inside BrowseAmp in the future (it already works with the QCD version  :-D ) so playlist data can also be exported to XML.
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