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Thanks for the ideas, Keefy.  I've spent a bunch of time trying to figure out tricks to convert the back slashes in the <#currentdirectory> string into front slashes (e.g. trying to replace \ with \\, using single quotes, ...), but I just couldn't get it to work & switched over to vbscript.  If you are able to come up with a fix, I'd appreciate it, but I'm hopeful that Henry will come through with a fix on the broweamp side.

The problem with getting album art from other sources (e.g. allmusic or Amazon) is that the file references aren't straightforward.  For example, the allmusic jpg file for cover art for the Beatles' Help is

There is an automated cover art download utility that I read about on the AVS Home Theater Computers forum (  called Gotcha Covered:  I haven't tried it myself, but it looks pretty cool.

Thanks again and regards
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Yeah, makes sense for AllMusic to do it that way. They've probably invested quite a lot in getting it all available, and legal. It's not as if a commercial web site can go round stealing art from others!! They'll want to protect it, but I've been thinking about mailing them some time with suggestions for a art retreival utililty. All they would have to do is to put their URL on the image, and it's ideal free advertising to them. Worded correctly, they might be persuaded!

I'll also check out the tool you mentioned. I'm about to do some Web test automation soon, maybe I can write a script for the AllMusic website that will log on to the site, search for whatever, then save it.  :-D   Hopefully it won't come to that, AllMusic wouldn't be happy seeing a the same IP trolling through their files over several weeks!
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